Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How often should my piano be tuned?
A:  Generally about once a year.  There are other factors that cause some people to want to tune their pianos more frequently.  These factors include:  seasonal changes in humidity, the discrimintation of your musical ear, and how important it is to you that the piano be in fine tune when played.
Q:  Does my piano need to be tuned after it is moved?
A:  Not just because it was moved.  If the humidity is different in its new location, it may sound out of tune after the move and require tuning.
Q:  Do you move pianos?
A:  No, but I can recommend Vincent Carroll LLC Piano Movers at 206-617-2712
Q:  Do you refinish pianos?
A:  No, but I can recommend David Wuller Fine Woodworking at (360)832-8320 Eatonville,
Q:  How do I get rid of a piano I don't want any longer?
A:  Put an ad on Craig's List:
Q:  Do I need to put my piano on an inside wall?
A:  No, homes now have sufficient wall insulation and this is no longer an issue.

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